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Collegium Marianum – since it was founded in 1997, the Prague ensemble  has focused on presenting the music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In January 2010 Collegium Marianum was awarded with an honour for the credits of quality and for the general promotion of Czech music, presented by the International Music Council by UNESCO.



Monika Knoblochova – an excellent harpsichordist, holder of a number of prestigious awards, one of the most striking discoveries of the young generation. / 10 Jokers of the Crescendo magazine (Belgium) / 4 Diapasons (Diapason, France).



Najponk trio – Najponk’s music comes directly from the roots of jazz, i.e. the blues and a swinging rhythm. His playing is a distinctive rendition of classic jazz withou any needless avant-garde experiments. Najponk is the holder of a prestigious Czech award  “Angel” for Jazz and Blues (2001 & 2010).



Buchty a loutky (Cakes and Puppets) is an alternative puppet theatre troupe which produces and performs plays for both children and adults



Tragedy of Doctor Faustus – Unusual musical-theatrical performance. The performance was created in cooperation between Cakes and Puppets theater (www.buchtyaloutky.cz) and great harpsichordists Monika Knoblochova (www.monikaknoblochova.com) . Music composed by Jiří Teml


Barati Squad – a six-member drum squadron from Prague, has been successful as a supporting group for world-class players such as Thomas Guei (Côte d’Ivoire) and Luis Cezar Ewande (France).



Divadlo b (Theater b) – puppet theater for children and adults.



Theater T601 – puppet theater for children



Puppets beyond Borders (Loutky bez Hranic) – puppet theater for children



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Mittelpunkt was founded in 2015.